dominic nah jerome lim idelle yee
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Dominic is currently pursuing an MA in World Literature at the University of Warwick where he graduated with a BA in English Literature. Thanks to classroom interventions in Xinmin Secondary and Victoria JC, he has since converted from fiction-hater to future literature teacher. His literary interests lie in intersections between literature, education and globalisation such as petrofiction and border-crossing fiction. Most days he breakdances, fanwatches wrestling and is working on concentration issues. Jerome reads English (and Latin) Literature at the University of York. An alumnus of National Junior College, he has previously taught Literature at Anderson Secondary, Presbyterian High, and Yio Chu Kang Secondary. His poetry features in multiple local and overseas-based publications, and his critical interests lie in nonsense literature and literary physics. He is the Associate for Sing Lit Station. Idelle Yee is an appropriately meandering undergraduate at the National University of Singapore. Hobbies include dashing after public transport and sobbing over very cheesey and end-rhymey lines in omnibus romance flicks. When unavailable, in doubt, miscellaneously missing or otherwise causing inconvenience, see Couch of Existential Crisis.
leonard yip joanne loo mitchelle ang
editor (reading literature) editor (1830-1899) editor
Leonard is an alumnus of Victoria Junior College and a first year English Literature Undergraduate at the University of Cambridge. His interests span a range of time periods and continents, from Bashō to Tolkien and dystopian science fiction, while his non-academic preoccupations include writing and missing deadlines. Joanne misses studying and writing, having finished public schooling in Singapore, a BA in English Literature at Warwick and a course in Victorian Literature at the University of Oxford. Her time in the UK has strengthened her conviction in poetry’s power to stir souls. She is back at school again, but as the teacher instead of the student. Free time has a very fleeting existence in her life, but she tries to maintain a decent social life with friends both real and fictional. Mitchelle is a final-year undergraduate at NUS and USP. She majors in English Linguistics, but also part time in Literature. Her favourite type of poems are the ones written by Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton, but all poems are great ones in her opinion. She is also a future teacher upon graduation, and hopes to spread love of Literature around! If you wish to confuse her, just throw a math textbook at her.
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rachel eng
publicity and editor publicity and social media web designer
Jia Hui is an alumna of Anglo-Chinese Junior College and a rising sophomore at Yale-NUS College. She’s a connoisseur of chocolate, a purveyor of puns, and a lover of literature (who may or may not also harbour an inordinate predilection for alliteration). A fan of both Dahl and Dickinson, she enjoys a medley of high and lowbrow literature on the side. Her previous works have appeared in The Straits Times, Prestige Magazine and poem anthologies amongst others. Having graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a BA in English Literature and Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Creative Writing for Television and New Media, Victoria has a background in media, journalism and literature. She has a soft spot for poetry and is particularly interested in Singaporean literature, Peranakan literature and postcolonial literature. Now en route to becoming an English Literature teacher, Victoria tries to travel, write, and keep up with tech, web and graphic design trends whenever free time comes her way. A lifelong member of the Nerd Club and the Weird Sense of Humour Society, Rachel is a final year history undergraduate at University College London. She took her Literature A Level at Victoria Junior College and counts Larkin, Fforde, and war poets (yes, all of them) among her favourite writers. Her hobbies include writing and passive-aggressively putting ‘u’s in American words. When she’s not dabbling in graphic design, abusing on-demand television, or staring miserably at an unfinished essay, she cries about Manchester United. This has been a depressingly frequent occurrence as of late.
chloe lim
Chloe is a final year undergraduate reading English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. She previously taught A Level Literature at Victoria Junior College as well as O Level English Language and English Literature at Xinmin Secondary School. She also tutors with Jacari Oxford. Massive fan of Samuel Beckett.