Calling all dreamers, littérateurs and writers: show us what you’ve got!

A. Comparative essays on our unseen excerpts. This issue, we have two poems and one prose extract: ‘Ozymandias’ (Percy Bysshe Shelley) and ‘Acropolis at Mid-Season’ (Lisabelle Tay), and ‘Youth’ (J M Coetzee).

B. Critical Responses*: this includes –
– literary essays on one or more texts*
– essays linking other subjects to literary texts
– reflections on current issues through literary texts
– reviews of theatre productions / literary events
– translation-related analysis
– reflections on your experience studying (or teaching!) literature

*Do focus your writing on one or more literary texts; you can write about texts both on/off the syllabus, just keep the theme in mind 🙂

C. Creative Responses
Any original text-based work (including multimedia) that fits our theme AND/OR responds directly to specific A level texts

(P.S. 2000 words max.)

The deadline for submissions is 01 February 2017. All work should be emailed to unseenthemagazine@gmail.com as a Word document. Submissions should also include two to three sentences introducing yourself and your interests in literature.

We look forward to reading your work!

*Includes both current and new syllabi; see our texts section for details