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“I know my price, I am worth no worse a place”
(Othello; I.i.10)

In this issue of Unseen, we want to focus on margins: spaces between lines, peripheral voices, supporting characters, radical interpretations—the fringe elements which we tend not to pay much attention to. We are looking for critical and creative works that explore this, while responding to any of the literature texts in the current A-level syllabus. This could be a critical essay, a poem, short fiction, creative non-fiction, or a mix of it all!

Like Issue Two, “Margins” will continue to feature an Unseen section, inviting comparative responses to poems selected by the editors, based on the prevailing theme. This issue’s pieces are ‘Expatriate Dream’ (Md Mukul, transcreated by Cyril Wong) and ‘Ugly’ (Warsan Shire). Through these poems we hope to highlight migrant and immigrant voices, individuals as much a part of modern globalised countries, their growth and their history, as those in the communities they join.

Alternatively, for this issue, we encourage you to go beyond the syllabus. You may explore the theme of margins, responding either creatively or critically, to a non-syllabus literature text of your choice. Two submitted pieces in this category with the most merit will be published.

The deadline for submissions is 4 September 2016. All work should be emailed to as a Word document. Submissions should also include two to three sentences introducing yourself and your interests in literature.

We look forward to reading your work!

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