1 | Contact

Facebook Page:
Instagram: @unseenthemagazine
Editor-in-Chief: +65 87506624 (Whatsapp/SMS/Telegram), ‘thisisnahdominic’ (Instagram), ‘Dominic Nh’ (Facebook)

2 | Joining #TeamUnseen

If you are interested in joining us as an editor, do get in touch! We are especially interested in people who are passionate about literature and education, and we are flexible with the level of commitment required.

We are also looking for junior editors: students who are looking to try out what it’s like to run a magazine, feel free to drop us a message too!

#TeamUnseen is looking to expand its presence on social media! If you’d like to join us, and have ideas about publicity and merchandise that you’d like to offer, feel free to drop us a message.

#TeamUnseen is looking at creating videos to explore the relationship between literature and education. If you’d like to collaborate or volunteer with us, drop us a message.

3 | Enquiries

We are open to all kinds of proposals and collaborations, especially those relevant to literature and education. Feel free to tell us your ideas: whether you are a writer, educator, part of a collective, or just have something creative in mind. Tell us!