Named after a certain unpredictable component of the examined paper, Unseen is currently a one-year old youth-led triannual literary magazine targeted primarily at students past and present reading for the A Level ‘Literature in English’ papers. We aim to publish issues in early March, June and October, aligning with the beginning, middle and end of the academic year for students.

We believe that Literature doesn’t have to be a hazy subject ‘difficult to score in’. In fact, we think scoring is beside the point, that Literature has current relevance to our world and that we can engage with texts in even more interesting and diverse ways alongside what a three-hour exam can accommodate. In particular, we aim to do the following:

  1. To re-imagine and broaden student engagement with literary texts both outside and alongside current modes of assessment
  2. To provide a platform for creative and critical voices, especially amongst students (past and present) and enthusiasts of Literature in Singapore
  3. To support teaching and learning of the current A Level Literature in English syllabi

To this end, our issues accept a wide variety of responses, including:

  1. Comparative Essays on our very own theme-based Unseen Excerpts
  2. Critical Responses
    -Literary essays on one or more texts;
    -Essays linking other subjects to literary texts;
    -Reflections on current issues through literary texts;
    -Reviews of theatre productions / literary events;
    -Translation-related analysis;
    -Reflections on your experience studying (or teaching!) literature
  3. Creative Responses
    Any original text-based work (including multi-media) that fits our theme AND/OR responds directly to specific A level texts(P.S. 2000 words max)

We’re always looking for contributions, new team members and any support at all.
Contact us at unseenthemagazine@gmail.com!


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