1 | Hindsight

Named after a certain unpredictable component of literature examinations, Unseen was founded in late 2015 by Chloe Lim, as a youth-led literary magazine targeted at students past and present reading ‘Literature in English’ at A-Level.

2 | Foresight

From Unseen‘s Issue Five onwards, #TeamUnseen will look to build a welcoming platform that contributes to wider discussions of literature education’s significance and place in Singapore. As such, we are expanding our focus to engage emerging and seasoned groups and individuals—regardless of whether you studied Literature in school—beyond A-level texts.

3 | Insight

We welcome all forms of critical writing about literature, be it:

  • Writing about books, poems, plays or creative non-fiction;
  • Writing about literature itself—translation, literature education, ways to approach a text;
  • Writing about your experiences: studying, teaching and writing literature, watching a play, or attending a literary event;

We also welcome all original creative submissions. We are particularly interested in submissions that respond to our issue-based themes, and submissions that explore the experience of reading and studying literature.

We also welcome featured collaborations with groups and/or individuals, essays on our Unseen Extracts, and crowdsourced responses to our future Unseen Survey columns.


See the Connect section for more information if you are interested to join our team or enquire about collaborations / contributions!


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