Editor’s Foreword


When selecting the theme for our second issue, the team behind Unseen decided to play with contrasts. To look forward and back. Adding to what we had achieved in Beginnings, the second issue promised an even more thrilling set of pieces. In this issue we have commentaries on tragedy, reflections on war poetry, and responses to poets’ lives, working together in choric fashion to bring our present day into focus even as we reach into the past.

We are in exciting times for the study of Literature in Singapore. Fresh names in the literary scene spring up ever so often and seasoned writers release new works regularly. Facebook and social media make writing, sharing, and discussing even more accessible for all. To that growing community we throw in the critical and creative voices of Unseen.

When we think Literature, we often think of an anglicised classroom, well-versed in the contexts of the Renaissance or the Victorians, musing on Western wars, texts, issues. The average literature student is a person who ‘jiak kantang’ (eats potatoes – the staple Western carb) more than rice.

This issue proves that Literature is far from a Western domain. It does not have to belong to the past. Or to the West. We have as much right to speak up and comment, criticise, muse and reflect in our own ways on existing texts while creating works of our own. Versus promises, at the very least, to give you fresh starting points for your journey as a shareholder in the study of literature – we encourage you to consider contrasts, to set this versus that, observing the forces at play in a text, and beyond, in our society and the world at large.

We hope you enjoy this issue and as always, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook or email to comment, discuss or contribute! The team would love to hear from you.

Chloe Lim
Unseen the Magazine

photo credit: clipartbest


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