Editor’s Foreword

Unseen started out as an idea simmering at the desk of a bored English teacher. Said English teacher then found people who also believed in the idea and, before we knew it, Singapore’s first A-Level Literature in English magazine was on its way.


To begin is often the most difficult step, be it in writing or in starting a new project. The theme of the pilot issue of Unseen tackles this idea. In this issue you will find essays, creative responses and poetry springing from and inspired by current A-Level texts. While some pieces deal explicitly with how writers choose to begin, others deal with the growth of characters, or the beginning of our personal responses to what we read.

Unseen is divided into three sections, corresponding to the three papers of A Level Literature in English in Singapore – Reading Literature, The Individual and Society and Victorian (1830-1899). Despite these divisions, however, we believe that the skills and responses involved in each piece are relevant (and hopefully interesting!) for all students of English Literature, regardless of texts or papers you have studied in school.

We hope that this collection of essays provides a springboard for your thought processes when tackling the subject above and beyond the standard essay. We hope to inspire you to imagine and respond to literature in relation to your experiences, your society and your own ways of thought. As Unseen progresses, we also aim to become a platform for critical voices united by the production and study of English Literature in Singapore, including current students, alumni, teaching staff and writers.

We hope you enjoy the very first issue of Unseen! Share, comment, discuss, tell us what you think, offer suggestions and contribute to us in time to come! We’re only just beginning, so come along for the ride.

Chloe Lim
Unseen the Magazine

Photo credit: Leonard Yip


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